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Jason Mosinga Foundation(JMF) was started in 2007 as a public charitable entity, to corroborate with individuals and other partners in addressing the economic, social and technological aspects of issues affecting Gusii people. JMF was conceptualized by Jason Mosinga and in 2007 it was registered as a nonprofit organization in Kenya. The Foundation is run by a Trustee comprising board members under the Chairmanship of Jason Mosinga. There is also a Board of Advisors.The Foundation’s primary objective was to address the myriads of problems and issues facing our region Kisii .

The founder thought of a forum where we as Gusii can engage with each other as we strive to seek the means which can eventually give us a region that we would be proud to bequeath to our children. The Foundation’s major campaign is to promote gusii and corporate companies in supporting poverty eradication initiatives. We seek to harness the collective power of both individuals and Kisii top corporations to fight poverty both at the region and national level.

This website which has been created with the help of Jason Mosinga will highlight the many activities and projects organized by the Foundation.

Come and join us on this journey, which takes us around Gusii land…

Our mission is to work together with fellow Kenyans and other well wishers for the common purpose of eradicating poverty in gusii land. Our program to eradicate poverty in Kisii connects citizens, corporations, academia, governments and other policy makers throughout Kisii and the world as we strive to reach our goals in the future.

Members and companies pick on what activities their resources will support. Our experts then assist them in the design and development of appropriate channels to achieve a unique response to the poverty crisis. We identify and disseminate models of good business practice. Technical expertise is also provided where and when it’s needed. Successful models from elsewhere will be shared to encourage greater action and efficacy. We welcome both corporate and individuals as members. As a nonprofit organization the activities of the Foundation will be sustained by its membership and other income generating future projects.

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